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On Bitmain, website Bitcoin.com Roger Faith and the exchange Kraken sued for BCH

United American Corp. (UnitedCorp) has filed a lawsuit against the largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain, website Bitcoin.com his owner Roger Faith, as well as the exchange Kraken and others, accusing them of trying to establish illegitimate control over the Bitcoin network Cash (BCH) for the purpose of personal gain.

In the lawsuit, according to the established in 1992, the company alleges that the defendants, in collusion, used deceptive methods to manipulate the Bitcoin Cash, which affected company UnitedCorp and other owners of the tokens BCH:

“UnitedCorp believes that the defendants improperly used Bitcoin Cash after refreshing network on 15 November 2018, with the intention to centralize it – in violation of accepted standards and protocols associated with bitcoin since its emergence,” reads the statement of the company.

15 Nov network BCH updated, which led to the separation of the user community into two camps – supporters of the Bitcoin Cash’s ABC and supporters of the Bitcoin Cash SV. UnitedCorp alleges that the defendants gained control of a network of coins immediately after the update by using “leased hashing”. This move allegedly led to what was adopted a set of rules Bitcoin ABC, in violation of democratic procedures.

UnitedCorp also States that on 20 November the team “planted in the blockchain poison pill”, preventing the possibility of reorganization in order to strengthen control over the registry of the blockchain and to establish control over the process of introducing new technologies into future network upgrades.

The plaintiffs are seeking a court order against the accused and the termination of their alleged actions against the network BCH now and in the future. In addition, UnitedCorp wants to receive compensation, the size of which will be determined by the court.

As of 12:30 GMT the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash (ABC Bitcoin fork which is supported by Bitmain, Roger Ver and others defendants) have fallen to $101 a day after losing at 17.91%. The second SV fork Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency in the TOP 20 which shows a steady increase (to 22.5% in the last 24 hours), so it has risen to 5th place in terms of capitalization.


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