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One of the young captainvalor: Bitcoin is dead

Eric Finman — the young man who owns the cryptocurrency assets in millions of dollars, made a resonant statement that bitcoin is dead.

“Bitcoin is dead, it is too pramatarova. Even if the coin we will show aggressive growth in the long term, the asset is still dead,” said the young cryptomelane.

Quite differently, according to Finman, Affairs at ETH and zcash for. The young man is sure that these crypto-currencies are promising and show growth in the near future.

Referring to litecoin, FinMin stressed that this asset resembles a setting sun. Now litecoin is going through the sunset, and then we are waiting for complete disappearance of the asset

However, do not take seriously the predictions of a young man, according to market players, as professional investors, any Finman no authority. Therefore, all his statements about the coming collapse of bitcoin is nothing more than a simple young adult fiction.

Eric Finman is known that the cryptocurrency was an investor in adolescence. It since 2011, bought bitcoins with the money that he gave to grandma. On the back of aggressive market growth in the past year, the young man suddenly became a millionaire. Its status in December 2017 was increased to $4 million, but it is unclear how many digital assets have Finman now.

At midnight on 15 December, the bitcoin exchange rate renewed its yearly low, dropping to $3 228 (on the stock exchange Bitfinex), and the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies at this point dropped to $101 billion.


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