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Opinion: Bitcoin will replace gold for 20 years

The head of EOS, Brendan Blumer, said that Bitcoin will replace gold over the next 20 years. He believes that the first cryptocurrency will become a universal cost repository.

“Over the next two decades, Bitcoin will replace gold as the leading commodity to save value,” Bloomer wrote on his Twitter account.

One commentator asked what would happen when all the bitcoins were mined. The head of EOS replied that this would lead to a significant increase in transaction fees. Nevertheless, he believes that over time, Bitcoin liquidity will increase, and solutions like the Lighting Network will provide networks with normal throughput.

“Most of the activity will move to second-level solutions for network scalability. However, the adoption of Bitcoin and its liquidity will increase, ”explained Blumer.

Earlier, a similar forecast was made by the famous cryptographer Nick Sabo. According to him, central banks will begin to use Bitcoin as a safe substitute for gold.


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