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Opinion: the cryptocurrency Market can not recover because of the SEC investigation

Despite a lot of positive signals for the industry of cryptocurrency events scheduled for early 2019, the market is not in a hurry to recover, gradually forming all new lows. One of the factors that scare investors is the investigation of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges (SEC) the USA, according to analyst Ivan Marchena.

In his opinion, the top cryptocurrencies, and take the entire market continues to lose value against the background of the investigation, which leads the SEC US about abnormal growth of bitcoins in 2017. The regulator is trying to find illegal why there was a surge to the top who made bitcoin last year. And as long as there are no published results of this investigation, investors prefer not to risk and take a wait and see position.

The analyst assumes that in the short term, BTC will continue to trade around $3 800, Ethereum could fall to $100 — $103, XRP – to $0.32 — $0.33 in and Litecoin – to $27 — $28.

At the time of publication, bitcoin is trading around $3 884 lost in recent days more than 3%. The leaders of the fall, as of Wednesday afternoon, are Cash Bitcoin (Bitcoin ABC) and EOS, which a day lost about 11%.


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