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Ripple Posts a Job Vacancy that Hints at a Possible IPO.

According to the XRP community, a job posted at Ripple suggests, based on the qualifications required and the responsibilities to be fulfilled, that an initial public offering (IPO) may be on the horizon.

The fintech company Ripple posted a job listing on October 16 for a Senior Shareholder Communications Manager position at multiple locations within and outside the United States. Many view this as an indication of Ripple’s intent to go public.

Responsibilities of the Communications Manager

Those qualified for the position will be required to perform various complex tasks, including maintaining direct communication with shareholders. This is commonly associated with publicly traded companies.

The selected candidate will be responsible for formulating and executing strategies related to communication and relationship management, targeting not only current shareholders but also potential investors and financial analysts.

Furthermore, they should have the ability to devise plans tailored for specific scenarios, including mergers, acquisitions, investments, liquidity events, and other critical business circumstances. The role also includes the creation of investor-focused materials, such as presentations, fact sheets, case studies, and analyses, to produce educational and informative content about the company’s prospects and performance, with the aim of attracting enthusiasts and investors in preparation for an initial public offering.

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Additionally, the new Communications Manager will be tasked with the meticulous maintenance of a comprehensive shareholder database and the management of routine communications, including the regular issuance of quarterly updates. The community expressed their thoughts on this supposed IPO through X.

The payments company recently came under scrutiny due to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuit alleging that XRP is a security. However, the company secured a victory last July when a judge ruled that XRP is not a security in terms of its sale on digital asset exchanges.

While these legal setbacks proved to be a challenge in terms of business and opportunities for Ripple, some of its key executives stated that the majority of these opportunities lie outside of America.

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