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Ripple’s April Strategy: 1 Billion XRP Tokens to Hit the Market

Ripple’s April Strategy: 1 Billion XRP Tokens to Hit the Market


  • Ripple’s Big Move: On April 1, 2024, Ripple will unlock 1 billion XRP tokens, valued at around $628.5 million, as part of their standard monthly sell-offs, sparking discussions on its potential impact on XRP’s market price.
  • Strategic Shift: This release marks a change in Ripple’s distribution strategy, utilizing two different accounts, “Ripple (10)” and “Ripple (11)”, to distribute varying amounts of XRP, deviating from their usual single-account method.
  • Market Speculation: With XRP trading at $0.6318, experts are watching Ripple’s actions closely, as the introduction of such a significant amount of XRP into the market could affect the cryptocurrency’s price and investor confidence.

Ripple, the company behind the XRP Ledger, is set to unlock 1 billion XRP tokens on April 1, 2024. This significant release, valued at approximately $628.5 million, is part of Ripple’s routine monthly sell-offs and has raised concerns about potential impacts on the XRP price.

Since 2017, Ripple has been releasing a billion XRP each month, but this month’s distribution on April 1st marks a significant change in their strategy. Instead of using the same account as in previous years, they will be using two different accounts: – The “Ripple (10)” account will distribute two amounts of XRP: – 100 million XRP – 400 million XRP – The “Ripple (11)” account will release two amounts of XRP: – 200 million XRP – 300 million XRP

The March unlock saw 1 billion XRP released from ‘Ripple (22)’ and ‘Ripple (23)’ accounts, with 200 million reserved for March’s sell-off and the remainder re-locked for future dates. Additionally, Ripple spent 240 million XRP from its treasury account ‘Ripple (1)’ in March, indicating the use of older reserves.

XRP Price Watch: Navigating Ripple’s Monthly Token Release

Ripple’s April Strategy: 1 Billion XRP Tokens to Hit the Market

Experts are monitoring Ripple’s sales closely, as past sales have coincided with fluctuations in XRP prices. Although small price increases have occasionally followed sales, the general trend has been negative, with notable declines in XRP’s value.

As of the latest reports, XRP is trading at $0.6318, hovering above the $0.60 support level and below the $0.65 resistance. Investors and market spectators are advised to monitor Ripple’s actions closely, as the April unlock could introduce over half a billion dollars worth of XRP into the market, potentially influencing price dynamics.

The release of a large number of tokens in the Ripple event highlights how unpredictable the cryptocurrency market can be, as it can significantly impact prices and investors’ confidence. The ongoing monthly token releases by Ripple are generating considerable speculation and curiosity about their potential consequences for XRP and the overall cryptocurrency industry.

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