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StakeStone Launches Exciting Omnichain Carnival: Participate, Win, and Be Part of the Community

StakeStone Launches Exciting Omnichain Carnival: Participate, Win, and Be Part of the Community


  • Start of deposit for Omnichain Carnival Wave 1 with a limit of 200,000 STONE.
  • Staking by locking STONE or ETH on the Ethereum mainnet.
  • Details include wallet verification, invitation code, X verification, referral rewards and early access, as well as the security warning about exclusive interaction with official StakeStone channels.

The cryptocurrency world is stirring again with the launch of the Omnichain Carnival Wave 1 by StakeStone.

This exciting opportunity offers participants the chance to immerse themselves in a unique financial carnival, where security and community involvement are at the center of the experience.

The participation process is simple but crucial.

Interested parties should begin by connecting their digital wallets to the official carnival website, where they will be guided through the necessary steps to ensure safe entry to the event.

Verifying the invite code and X account add an extra layer of security, while locking STONE or ETH marks the start of active participation in the carnival.

Community is a key aspect of this event, and StakeStone fully recognizes this by offering referral rewards and a 15% boost for early access participants.

These initiatives not only encourage community growth, but also add an extra touch of excitement to the carnival experience.

StakeStone Launches the Exciting Omnichain Carnival: Participate, Earn and Be Part of the Community

But the real attraction of StakeStone lies in the reward opportunities

Wave 1 participants have the opportunity to share 3% of the total StakeStone supply, while those who choose to participate in Wave 2 can enjoy a 5% increase in their rewards, along with greater participation in the StakeStone rewards loyalty.

However, with excitement also comes responsibility.

StakeStone emphasizes the importance of security, reminding participants to only interact through official company channels to avoid scams and phishing links.

This warning reflects StakeStone’s commitment to protecting its community and ensuring a safe experience for all carnival participants.

StakeStone’s Omnichain Carnival Wave 1 promises to be an exciting adventure full of investment opportunities, rewards, and community.

With a focus on security, participation and long-term value generation, this event marks another milestone in growth and innovation within the world of cryptocurrencies.

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