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The Chinese "miners", having bribed the admins of the Internet cafe, have mined $ 14 million and the term is

Chinese authorities have arrested a group of 15 people who are suspected of bribing administrators of Internet cafes for cryptocurrency mining. In less than six months, they have mined an impressive amount of several million dollars.

The suspects mined cryptocurrency for four months and earned about 100 million yuan (about $ 14 million). Local police have received notice that many local internet cafes use crypto jacking software. Unauthorized mining reportedly involved more than 9,000 Internet cafe administrators.

The results of a preliminary investigation suggest that malware was developed by a network technology company from Zhengzhou.

Its director, surnamed Zhang, is suspected of personally bribing Internet cafe administrators to install malware on their computers. All 15 suspects are currently under arrest, the investigation is ongoing.

In July, Chinese police arrested 22 suspects allegedly involved in illegal mining and stole electricity worth about $ 3 million.


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