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The CTO of Ripple told when to expect the adoption of cryptocurrencies

To date, the global infrastructure of cryptocurrency is still in its infancy, while remaining extremely inconvenient and difficult for ordinary users. Without modernization, without possible freely use the bitcoin and other assets in the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency will not happen. Such an opinion shared by the CTO of Ripple cryptomeria David Schwartz (David Schwartz).

“I want the blockchain technology payments permanent improved. The Internet has been a long time, so it will take time before the blockchain-industry will become part of the global market,” said David Schwartz.

Among the main problems of the cryptocurrency industry, he identified the imperfection charges via cryptocotyle, failures of exchange services and other unresolved technical problems. But as soon as the company and the trading platform will be able to fix them, we will see the dynamics of the mass infiltration of digital currencies into our lives.

Another factor affecting the development of the industry, is a strong jump value of bitcoin and altcoins. The CTO of Ripple I am sure that the stock market has adjusted itself to the volatility is gone. For example, difficult to pay for coffee with bitcoin, if during the day the cost can some times may collapse or dramatically jump.


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