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The Winklevoss brothers believe that stablename and licenzirovanie securities the future of cryptocurrency

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the founders of the exchange Gemini believe that stabilini and licenzirovanie securities will open a bright future for digital currencies. The twins made their statements during the interview at The Fortune The Ledger January 14.

Noting that at the moment their attention is riveted to the cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, he said that compelling new applications of cryptocurrency tokens will virtual security, backed by real assets:

“ICO mania 2017 and we see it as a boom dotkomov. All of this was unofficially, and it was just insane. I think the next wave will reveal the real innovation and really interesting assets that will be licenzirovanie — for example, property, plant, which is currently not sold liquid way. So it’s interesting.”

Cameron also noted that due to the fact that at least 60 percent of the 100 dollar bills are now abroad, dollars on the blockchain ready to significantly change the global currency market.

As reported, the twins introduced their own approved regulator, supported by the dollar, is compatible with ECR-20 stablein, Gemini Dollar (GUSD) in September last year.

Gemini argued that the less volatile scriptactive better suited for use in retail payments than cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, ironically referring to the pizza that was purchased for 50 000 BTC back in 2010.

They claim that bitcoin is better seen as a digital form of gold, and Cameron quipped that “the only thing gold has over bitcoin is a 3000-year-old handicap”.

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