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There are no analogues: the PrimeXBT innovative cryptocurrency trading platform will start on February 4,

Cryptocurrency trading platform for margin trading with a leverage of up to 1: 100 PrimeXBT has appointed a launch date

The cryptocurrency trading platform Prime XBT, which became sensational at the beginning of 2019, announced the official launch date! Already on February 4, traders from 150 countries of the world will be able to start trading on a new innovation platform, which has no analogues on the market. Together with the launch of the platform, a 4-level referral program will become available, which allows you to earn 10 times more than other affiliate programs on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Interest in Prime XBT from the cryptocurrency community is so high that even in the first hours of receiving applications in the Waitlist, the platform servers experienced peak loads. As a result, during the first week, more than 125,000 people pre-registered!

Why is Prime XBT so popular?

Prime XBT turns traders on what a cryptocurrency exchange can be. A long registration procedure and KYC, restrictions on depositing and withdrawing funds, constant hacker attacks and personal data leakage, an incomprehensible and complicated trading terminal, huge commissions – all this is in the past.

  • The fastest and easiest registration

Instead of 2 weeks of verifying your documents, register with Prime XBT in less than a minute and start trading. Anonymously , without identity verification.

  • Recharge in dollars and euros

Can you replenish the balance of any cryptocurrency exchange with dollars, euros and another 130 cryptocurrencies while remaining anonymous? On Prime XBT this is possible.

  • Lowest commissions on the market

Only 0.05% for trading. This is a minimum (!) 5 times less than that of “closest competitors” and 20 times less than average market commissions.

  • Flexible financial leverage

Adjustable leverage from 1: 1 to 1: 100 will allow experienced traders to manage capital and risks when performing trading operations, and for beginners to increase the amount of the initial deposit up to 100 times.

What is the innovativeness of Prime XBT?

  1. Intuitively understandable interface of a trading terminal, which a newcomer, child and grandmother will understand, not to mention professional traders .
  2. Prime XBT uses Advanced Charting software , which provides traders with a wide range of indicators and tools for technical analysis. The terminal supports multiple monitors, and stretchable widgets allow you to create a workspace in the terminal as convenient as possible.
  3. Liquidity from 12 suppliers. Transactions on the platform are executed instantly without slippage and glitches as on other platforms on which liquidity is usually supplied by 1 supplier.
  4. The possibility of opening a Short-position using 1: 100 leverage on ALL trading pairs. Finally, traders will be able to earn not only on growth, but also on the fall of the cryptocurrency market. Just imagine how much you could have earned in a landslide in 2018 ?! Now you will have this opportunity in the event of another fall.
  5. Opening opposing deals . On Prime XBT, you can open trades on the same trading pair at the same time for both buying and selling. Hedge risks, manage capital professionally and efficiently.

“If you have one clear advantage, you are a competitor. If you have solid advantages, you are the leader ”, from a conversation with the Prime XBT team

On Prime XBT you can earn not only by trading!

The ambitious ideas of the team have little space only in the development of the best cryptocurrency trading platform. Therefore, Prime XBT created a 4-level referral system (20% (!), 15%, 10%   and 5%   respectively), which makes it possible to earn 10 times more than in affiliate programs of other cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms.   Earn not only by trading, but also by inviting friends and acquaintances, placing links on social networks, blogs and reviews.

For example, you attracted 1 client, who made a deposit of $ 1,000 or its equivalent in cryptocurrency. Since Prime XBT offers a leverage of 1: 100, a customer can complete a $ 100,000 transaction using his / her deposit. As a result, the client pays 0.05% or $ 50 commission, and you get 20% of this amount or $ 10 –   and this is 10 times more compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. Farther   – more:

Register now at the official website https://primexbt.com and get a 50% discount on the commission when making trading operations. Subscribe to Prime XBT on social networks and stay up to date with news and updates.

  • https://t.me/primexbt
  • https://twitter.com
  • https://fb.com/primexbt
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/PrimeXBT/
  • https://medium.com/primexbt

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