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Ukrainian cryptobirge Liqui closes. Analysts warn – it could be the “first swallow”

Launched in 2016, the Liqui cryptocurrency exchange is closing. The address of the owners of the exchange is published on the website of the trading platform, in which it is noted that Liqui ceases operations due to the inability to provide liquidity and the lack of further economic meaning in its work.

“Unfortunately, we can no longer provide liquidity to the remaining users. We also see no economic sense in providing our services. We do not want to go back to where we were a month ago. For this reason, we decided to close all accounts and stop the provision of services, ”the representatives of the exchange said.

Starting January 28, customers of the trading platform have 30 days to withdraw their digital assets.

Following the news of the closure of Liqui, cryptoanalyst and presenter of the Cryptotrader show, Ren Neuener, noted that, against the background of a low market, other exchanges could start to close. He added that maintaining the exchange infrastructure is quite expensive, so many exchanges may simply not survive.


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