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Thieves Botched Attempt to steal Kelowna Bitcoin ATM Attract Canadian Authorities

A long-term Kelowna business has been removed from commission because of a failed break-and-enter, reports Utoday.

L&D Meats and Deli was not the first objective of an early morning break-in today yet was seriously harmed regardless.

The objective: a Bitcoin machine nearby at Mike’s Produce, was what the two suspects were after.

In the wake of breaking into the produce store, situated at the Guisachan Village Center, the two suspects purportedly attempted to take the machine, situated against the back mass of the shop. A store representative clarified that when they couldn’t get it out, they fled, maneuvering into L&D Meats and Deli and crushing through the front divider.

L&D Meats and Deli proprietor Don Favell said the circumstance for this couldn’t have been a lot of more terrible, as Thanksgiving is practically around the bend and clients are expecting their pre-requested meat. Nonetheless, despite the fact that the shop no longer has a customer facing facade, Favell guaranteed that individuals will get their requests.

“They will get their turkeys,” he said.

Favell has been in activity since 1996, what’s more being ransacked in the primary year he was open, hasn’t had something like this occur since. Luckily, Favell said the harms will be secured under protection. For the time being, he said they’re centered around pushing ahead.

bitcoin atm thieves

A thwarted endeavor to take a Bitcoin ATM early at the beginning of today (Oct. 7) left a Kelowna business vigorously harmed.

Two suspects, looked for by police, purportedly slammed a white GMC Sierra get truck into the outside passageway of the structure trying to pick up section.

Various endeavors to slam the structure made hefty harm the outside, which as indicated by Kelowna RCMP will cost a great many dollars to fix. Police say the two suspects fled the scene in the pickup, deserting a rear end.

The break-and-enter attempt took place just after 3 a.m. in the 2000-block of Gordon Drive.

“A preliminary assessment conducted by staff on-site, suggests that despite the thousands of dollars in damage caused, nothing appears to be taken from inside the business as the suspects were unsuccessful in taking the Bitcoin ATM,” said Cst. Solana Paré, spokesperson for the Kelowna RCMP. “Forensic investigators were called upon to examine the scene for physical evidence.”

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