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This week, Bitcoin may rise to $4 500

As previously reported, bitcoin exchange rate to dollar on the night of 24 December jumped to $4 370 (on the stock exchange Bitfinex). Thus, the first cryptocurrency not only successfully overcame resistance levels at $4 150 and $200 4, but have managed to gain a foothold is much higher.

At the moment, bitcoin is trading with a bullish bias, and in the near future he can rise above $4 400 — $4 500.

After a minor correction rate BTC formed a support level of $3 780 and rose above the resistance levels of $3 900 $4 000, which successfully passed in the night from Saturday to Sunday, December 21. A day later, occurred a break above resistance levels $4 150 $4 200.


Moreover, on the hourly chart of the pair EUR/USD has been a break above the line of the main bearish trend with resistance at $4 040. Currently, the pair konsolidiruyutsya about $4 300, and it looks like it expects further growth . Initial support is near the level of Fibonacci retracement of 23.6% of the last wave from the low of $3 912 to a maximum of $4 240. However, major support is near the level of $4 050 and broken trend line. The Fibonacci retracement 50% of the last wave from the low of $ 3 912 to a maximum of $4 240 also close to $4 075. So there are many supports in the neighborhood of $4 050 $4 075.


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