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The Bitcoin Private developers increased the maximum issuance of coins contrary to the whitepaper

Researchers service Coinmetrics accused team fork Bitcoin Private (BTCP) in that they, contrary whitepaper coins, increased the maximum emission cryptocurrencies.

The maximum amount of output a fork of the original bitcoin and ZClassic (fork zcash for) was initially limited to 21 million coins. Coin used the algorithm of zero knowledge proof zk-SNARK and thus endowed with a high degree of anonymity.

According to the report Coinmetrics, Private developers of Bitcoin retreated from following the main document, crypto-currencies, increasing the maximum emission.

“2.04 coins Bitcoin Private was hidden released during the importing of the unspent transaction outputs (UTXO) of bitcoin and sent to a secure pool of BTCP”, — experts say.

Protected pools BTCP contain the coins corresponding to hidden locations where the technology involved the anonymization of transactions Zk-snarks. This feature is of coins allowed to increase the real the limited supply of Bitcoin Private more than 2 million coins to 23.04 million

In the process Private Bitcoin hard forks and import UXTO, network, BTCP produced “special blocks”. Each of them included 400 additional outputs with 50 coins. Such blocks were produced 102, and thus formed an additional 2 040 000 BTCP (102 “special unit” × 400 outputs × 50 BTCP).

These coins 29 April 2018 was sent to the protected addresses. A few months later, from 11 July to 18 August, the market was released about 300 thousand BTCP that could bring Private developers of Bitcoin from $1-3 million Remaining 1.74 million BTCP lie motionless on the protected locations.

Amid news that the BTCP course has fallen by almost 25% to $1,82 (according to Coinmarketcap) and it is based on a growing market.


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