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Top Exchange lists 7 new Gaming Tokens

Cryptocurrency exchange platform Gemini has extended its list of supported tokens by adding 7 new ones, this list includes some Defi infrastructures and the newly booming gaming NFT tokens.

The new additions are Defi-related tokens 1-inch exchange (1 INCH), and Bancor (BNT). Gaming tokens Enjin Coin (ENJ) and Sandbox (SAND). Blockchain infra tokens Skale Network (SKALE), The Graph (GRAPH), and Loopring (LRC). Previously only custody of Enjin was supported, now trading has been added.

Now the Gemini Exchange trades 33 cryptocurrencies in total, and another 10 supported for custodial services.

1inch exchange is a leading  DEX aggregator that works out the best crypto prices across DEX.

Although the price has been stagnant for a while now, it has -20.3% growth in the last 30 days according to CoinGecko.

Bancor(BNT) is a protocol based on Ethereum that allows automated conversion of cryptocurrency. It has witnessed a monthly raise of 32.5% but hasn’t performed any better in the last fortnight.

Skale Network is an L2 scaling solution for Ethereum, and it is backed by the Gemini exchange Co-founders Winklevoss brothers. The Graph is a similar protocol for DApp development on the Ethereum platform it is on the #53 market cap rank. Loopring is an Ethereum based Dex protocol that allows users to exchange assets across various exchanges. It has not done that well either in the last month.

Gaming-based tokens

Enjin is a blockchain gaming platform that allows developers to own verified digital assets and has cross-game asset compatibility. In a recent development, it has partnered with Microsoft to launch an edu web game that unlocked NFT’s for use in Minecraft.

It has shown great price growth, with a 269% rise in the last 30 days, and has a yearly growth of 2843.4% according to CoinGecko.

Sandbox is another gaming platform, getting at the forefront in the new NFT hype cycle. It is sold more than $3 Million in virtual land properties. And has a 90% price growth in the last 30 days.

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