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Union Labs and Lava Network Launch $100,000 Incentivized RPC Campaign to Boost Blockchain Interoperability

Union Labs and Lava Network Launch $100,000 Incentivized RPC Campaign to Boost Blockchain Interoperability


  • Union Labs teams up with Lava to launch a $100,000 incentivized RPC campaign.
  • Lava will provide fast, robust and decentralized access to Union.
  • The association seeks to improve the user experience and foster community growth.

In a strategic move to strengthen interoperability and improve user experience in the blockchain ecosystem, Union Labs has announced its collaboration with Lava Network.

The synergy between these two platforms will lead to an incentivized Remote Procedure Call (RPC) campaign, with a generous pool of $100,000 in token value, marking a significant milestone in the drive towards decentralization and efficiency in blockchain operations.

Lava Network stands out as a modular data network of API providers, offering developers a single subscription to access any blockchain.

This simplified integration ensures a fast and reliable connection for end users, with providers rewarded for their quality of service, resulting in an optimal user experience with high speed, data integrity and maximum uptime.

The importance of security, speed, reliability and accuracy is a key point of convergence between Lava Network and Union Labs.

Both entities recognize that the speed at which Lava’s network operates is crucial for Web3 applications, which require scalable RPC calls and real-time data updates for smooth operation.

Union Labs and Lava Network launch $100,000 incentivized RPC campaign to boost blockchain interoperability

Union Labs Incentivized RPC (ipRPC) Campaign via Lava Will Offer Significant Opportunities

Following the planned launch of the Union mainnet, node operators will have the opportunity to become Union RPC providers using the Lava platform, consolidating access for developers by offering a single centralized portal for all their access needs. and service.

Campaign participants will not only be eligible to participate, but will be eligible to earn a significant portion of the rewards pool, which will be distributed equally over an extended period of three months after the tentative launch date.

This strategic approach not only promotes active community participation, but also encourages the organic and sustained growth of the blockchain ecosystem, benefiting both developers and end users.

The partnership between Union Labs and Lava Network aims to set new standards in digital interaction, aligned with their shared commitment to offering a secure, fast, reliable and accurate service.

This milestone marks a significant step forward on the path towards broader and more effective adoption of blockchain technology, boosting innovation and global connectivity in today’s digital landscape.

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