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Users of Brave browser get cryptocurrency for viewing ads

Now users of the blockchain browser Brave will receive compensation in cryptocurrency for the time spent on viewing ads. But, for now, the functionality is available only for users from the USA, Canada, France, Germany and the UK.

According to the Brave developers, since yesterday, users can activate the Brave Ads feature in their desktop browsers, while the anonymity and confidentiality remain high.

Brave users will receive 70% of the amount paid by the advertiser in Basic Attentionn Token (BAT) tokens for viewing ads. The remaining 30% will receive a browser development team.

Advertisements will pop up when working with the browser for those who activate the function, in periods that the application deems suitable for viewing without interference to work – when you click on an alert, the ad will open to the full page in a new tab. It is expected that in the coming months, the innovation will work in the Brave application for Android and iOS devices, and residents of other countries will also be able to use it.

Co-founder and head of Brave Software Brendan Eich explained that the digital advertising platform first drew attention to protecting the rights of users with respect to their data and is designed to improve the economic performance of online advertising by eliminating intermediaries between publishers and advertisers.


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