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Venture investor: the Market of cryptocurrencies shifts to nuclear winter

Despite the optimistic expectations of some of captainvalor, the cryptocurrency market moves preparing for a new negative phase. But the cycle of decline and loss of the interests of investors, the industry can expect a new rise, however this will not happen as quickly as we would like, the American venture capitalist.

In the near future the situation in the cryptocurrency market will be significantly affected, said the billionaire and venture capitalist Jim brayer. During the forum, the 2018 Global Tech Forum, he said that investors are losing interest in the region of the blockchain, however, this cyclical phenomenon, so similar dynamics are quite normal, writes Fortune.

“Now cryptocurrency is ready to move into a phase of nuclear winter,” said brayer.

He compared the current situation on the market with the “Winter of artificial intelligence”, it is characterized by a periodic decline in funding and interest in AI. The billionaire stressed that these cycles occur approximately every decade.

“Over bloccano are plenty of top scientists from the field of computing and students and received a doctorate, they show a fundamental interest in new technologies. I would not like to play against the best and the brightest minds in the world,” explained a venture capitalist.


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