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War forks. SV catches up with Bitcoin Bitcoin ABC

On 15 November this year, all kriptonyte shocked important event — hardwork Bitcoin Cash. Because of the differences of the teams, who were divided into two camps, began the so-called “war forks” for the right to give your fork the parent name Bitcoin Cash.

In the first week of the Bitcoin ABC, network support which was directed to the enormous computing power won the race, hashes, and many of the larger exchanges was recognized as Bicoin Cash. The second fork — Bitcoin SV, and it predicted death. But that all changed.

Two weeks ago, SV Bitcoin was trading around $44, and at the time of writing his course is $105 and it is the only coin in the TOP 10, which shows the increasing (16,31% in the last 24 hours). At the same time, ABC Bitcoin (Bitcoin to Cash) fell of 15.47% and is trading at $119.

Let’s remind, that hardwork Bitcoin Cash, many experts called a major destabilizing factor in the market. In November, a coins set annual lows, Bitcoin, for example, fell to a record low of $3600.


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