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XRP, BCH, LTC, Dash: technical analysis and forecast of the course on 6-7 December 2018

The largest altcoins pressure sales. Recommended the sale of assets correction of prices.


At the peak of trading the Asian session, December 6, bears a false breakout tested support prices Ripple on the key level of $0,3370.

Some time after a set of a significant number of long positions from the local minimum of a couple of XRP/USD traded above the key support level. However, the inability of bulls to overcome the resistance of sales from the line EMA14 prices are $0,3470, pointed to the likelihood of a new attempt of break of the support price.

6 декабря XRPUSD H4

In the second half of the session, the bears devoured the volumes on the purchase and confidently entrenched at the level of the annual minimum rates – $0,3290.

The price movement indicates an overwhelming advantage to sellers market Ripple. Before the end of the current week may reduce quotes XRP/USD to the third key support level of $0,3133 as sellers XRP breakdown $0,3370 opened space for development of the downtrend.

Sale Ripple are recommended for maximum correction of prices in the $0,3344 and at the break of the interim support $0,3280 with order $0,3220 and $0,3140.


Bears on the market BCH 5 Dec broke the price support at the key $132. At the time of the review of the market the pair BCH/USD is trading at $113 descending in the direction of the psychological mark at $100.

6 декабря BCHUSD 1D

Market BCH can have a strong influence on the lawsuit against United American Corp Bitmain, Roger Ver, Bitcoin Exchange Kraken, and others, in which defendants are accused of conspiring and in the actions that led to total control of the network.

Deals on a pair of BCH/USD are not recommended until full stabilization of the Bitcoin network Cash.


In this session the bulls in the market Litecoin managed to create support for the price of cryptocurrency on the key level of $28,00. In the case of the weakening of bearish pressure on scriptactive not ruled out price correction litecoin to $29,70.

However, the low volumes of purchases, in a pair LTC/USD the key support level $28,00 indicate a high probability of breakdown, which in turn will open up the bears scope for reducing the price of scriptactive at least to the level of $27,00 is already at auction on 7 December.

6 декабря LTCUSD H4

If the bears until the end of the week will be able to gain a foothold in the range of us $28.00-27,00, we should expect goals at the third key support level of $24,80.

Sale in a pair LTC/USD are recommended on the breakdown of support level of us $28.00 with order $27,00 $26,00.


2 Dec Dash decreases steadily increasing the rate of downward movement. During the last trading session bears the price support at the key level of $78,60.

The closest support price possible at $56,20. It is assumed that the objective for the second level of support the bears made in the course of trading on the pair DASH/USD during the current trading week.

6 декабря DASHUSD 1D

Technical indicators confirm the weak position of buyers of scriptactive: values of relative strength index on the daily chart DASH/USD in oversold territory, the line RSI14 is pointing down, the current price below the moving average line and EMA14 trend indicator also directed towards the reduction of quotations.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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