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Withdraw bitcoin to Sberbank card: how to sell BTC for rubles

Sberbank — one of the largest banks in Russia, and its services are used by a quarter of Russians. So many Russian traders and investors use its cards for cryptocurrency transactions. We will tell you about all the ways to withdraw money from bitcoin to Sberbank. You will learn how to transfer bitcoin to wallet Online savings and not go broke on commissions.

How to withdraw bitcoin on the card of Sberbank

There are three ways to replenish the Bank account cryptocurrency. The most convenient option is to use online exchangers, or alternative to the private trader. Withdraw bitcoin to Sberbank is also possible via a cryptocurrency exchange.

The conclusion bitcoin to Sberbank card through the exchanger

Online exchange services for the rapid exchange of Fiat and digital currencies. They focused on speed and simplicity, therefore, do not require registration and verification to work. The direction of Bitcoin-Sberbank is very common, so it is supported by about 90 companies.

As a rule, the exchange rate includes the service fee. Exchange bitcoin to Sberbank is performed directly between the accounts: you transfer coins to the wallet service and receive rubles to your Bank account. You will have to pay only the Commission of the Bitcoin network.

To work with the exchange safely, but do not forget about caution — there is always a risk of stumbling on the Scam. Check the reputation of the service before you give him the cryptocurrency.


  • fast
  • convenient
  • large selection of proposals.

The average in exchange rate will be 1-2% cheaper than the market.

Looking for a exchanger to output of bitcoin to Sberbank card, look at the following criteria:

  1. Mode of transaction processing. If you do not want to wait for the translation all day, choose automatic obmenkah.
  2. The size of the reserve. If you need to change a large amount, look for a service with a large reserve.
  3. Reputation. Do not trust a little-known firms and companies with a questionable reputation, even if they set favorable rate.

Consider how to sell bitcoins for rubles via Sberbank , for example, service 24обмен.

Select the desired currency in the fields of “Give” and “receive.”

Обмен криптовалюты в обменнике
The exchange of cryptocurrency exchanger

Enter the desired amount and specify personal information: phone number, name, card number and e-mail. Click on the “Create an application”.

Now it is necessary to transfer the coins to the address obmenkah and wait for the transfer to a Bank card. Given that the payment of the services included in the exchange rate, you will have to pay only the Commission of the Bitcoin network.

The Commission is determined manually. Its minimum value is ~0,0001 BTC. The transaction can pass with zero Commission, but only provided that its size does not exceed 1000 bytes.

The transfer bitcoins to rubles to Sberbank card through the stock exchange

The cryptocurrency card support only five cripture:

  • Exmo,
  • Livecoin,
  • YoBit,
  • CEX.io,
  • WEX.

The main advantage of exchanges is that they set the best course and give you the opportunity to sell the cryptocurrency for 6-7% more than average market price. However, some sites require registration and verification and charge a Commission for trading operations withdrawal. This option is ideal for those who often holds a cryptocurrency exchange without withdrawal to an external account.


  • long
  • uncomfortable
  • fees and withdrawals.

Consider how to transfer bitcoins into rubles to Sberbank card through crypto currency exchange EXMO.

You first need to convert bitcoins to rubles. Go to “Exchange”, enter the amount and confirm the transaction. The exchange fee will be 0.2%.

Обмен биткоинов на бирже
The exchange of bitcoins on the exchange

When the rubles will be credited to the balance, go to “Wallet” and click “Withdraw” next to the currency “USD”.

Вывод рублей с биржи
The withdrawal of roubles from the exchange

Select “VisaMasterCard” in the list of payment methods.

Вывод средств с биржи
Withdrawal from the stock exchange

Enter the amount in rubles and the card number, and then click “Withdraw funds”. Time of money transfer takes up to 24 hours. The fee for withdrawal will amount to 6.95%+₽100.

Transfer bitcoin to wallet Online savings brokered

In addition to the exchanges, and of exchange, withdraw BTC to RUB through private buyers, which are calculated for the cryptocurrency rubles transfer money to a Bank card. You can find them on the site LocalBitcoins or through Telegram-bot — these services act as intermediaries between the parties to the transaction.

The main advantage of this method is that you can display even a small amount, from ₽500-1000. However, to make the exchange directly will not work: to sell bitcoin for Sberbank, will have to replenish the internal wallet of the service.However, this method is safe — you can not send coins until you receive the payment. In addition, you can sell the BTC to 4-5% cheaper than the average market price.


  • conclusion small amounts;
  • large selection of proposals.

Such trading platforms do not allow for the exchange of coins directly with the buyer. This is a necessary measure to protect buyers and sellers. Due to this, they are less convenient than the exchangers.

Consider the withdrawal of coins through LocalBitcoins.

Select the desired options under “Quick sale”. To find announcements about the sale of bitcoins through the savings-wallet, select the “Transfers with specific Bank”.

Поиск покупателя
Finding a buyer

Choose a buyer and complete the application for exchange following the instructions. After that, click the “request a deal”.

Продажа биткоинов
Selling bitcoins

Your bitcoins will be moved to the account Deposit. After the buyer will pay for the deal, you will be able to send him the coins.

Unlike exchanges, LocalBitcoins requires to register. In addition, we recommend you to verify the account — this will reduce the probability of sudden blocking of withdrawal of your funds from the account on this platform.

If you need to withdraw money from bitcoin to Sberbank without registration and verification, it is better to choose Telegram-bot. Like LocalBitcoins, it is a platform for finding buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency.

Consider the withdrawal of coins through BTC bot Banker.

Click on “Sell Bitcoin” and select “Sberbank” in the list of available payment methods. Select buyer from the list that appears. Then everything happens in the same way as LocalBitcoins: after the start of the transaction, the bot will reserve coin that you sent them after receiving payment.

This is a transfer bitcoins to rubles on the card of Sberbank

Consider the output of 1 BTC at the exchange rate on 13.11.2018. 1 BTC = ₽298 753. Selling coins, you will get:

  • through the stock exchange — ~ ₽301 229 (including fees and withdrawals);
  • through the exchanger — ~ ₽304 156 (including the fee of Bitcoin);
  • through LocalBitcoins — ~ ₽312 508 (including the fee of Bitcoin);
  • via Telegram-bot — ~ ₽307 790 (including the fee of Bitcoin).

As you can see, the best way to withdraw bitcoin to Sberbank wallet is to turn to the private trader. The exchange offices offer a less favorable rate, but it is much more convenient as the exchange takes place instantly and directly with the service. Exchanges offer a good rate, but their fee reduced benefit.

As you can see, there are many ways to withdraw money from Bitcoin to Sberbank. Select the one that is right for you to sell bitcoin through Sberbank at a good price.


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