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XRP, BCHABC, BCHSV, LTC: technical analysis and forecast rate for 16-17 November 2018

After the collapse of the markets of major altcoins there was a slight correction in prices of scriptaction.


During the current session of the Ripple traded with decrease in quotations of the local maximum price of $0,4950. Support pair XRP/USD got on the first key level of $0,4740.

At the time of the review market Ripple to the United States dollar is quoted at $0,4747. The nearest temporary resistance to the growth of cryptocurrencies, the bears will likely form the dynamic level line of the moving average EMA200 with the current value of $0,4820.

16 ноября XRPUSD H4
16 Nov XRPUSD H4

The value of the index relative strength in sales, however, the indicator line has a tendency to turn upward, indicating the likelihood of short-term growth of the pair XRP/USD.

Reversal of the local trend level is at $0,5150. Only after regaining control over the price, from buyers, higher pivot can be stated turn medium-term bearish trend.

Recommended short-term sales in a pair XRP/USD on the breakout of the key level of $0,4740 with order $0,4654 and $0,4540.


After the fork of the Bitcoin network Cash on site Poloniex coin branch BCHABC traded lower quotes to the level 59,46 USDC. In the course of trading on 16 November the couple BCHABC/USDC traded in the range of 307-260 USDC.

16 ноября BCHABCUSD H4

At the time of the market review BCHABC quoted for 270 USDC. Resistance to the growth of the coin bears the form of the moving average line EMA14 with the current value on the price scale – 292,70 USDC.

The RSI7 indicator value in sales, the RSI line is pointing downwards. Sale BCHABC recommended on the breakout of local levels of support 239 USDC with order 200 and 100 USDC USDC.


In the course of the session on 16 November the couple BCHSV/USDC traded in the range around 118.90-71,50 USDC. At the time of the market review BCHSV quoted 101,80 USDC.

The pair encounters resistance on moving average line EMA14 with the current value 115,90 USDC.

16 ноября BCHSVUSD H4

The RSI7 indicator values are in sales, indicating a situational advantage bears. Sale in a pair BCHSV/USDC are recommended after breakdown of the support price level 61,70 USDCс purpose 50,70 USDC.


Litecoin November 16, traded with a decline of quotations from local maximum at $44,99. Session low price of litecoin to US dollar fixed at $42,81.

At the time of the review of the market the pair LTC/USD is quoted at $43,22. The bulls failed since the collapse of the markets on 14 November, to regain control of a key support level of $45,75.

Quotes Litecoin pressure exponential moving average EMA14 with the current value on the price scale $44,87.

16 ноября LTCUSD H4
16 Nov LTCUSD H4

The values of the RSI14 indicator is in the oversold, the indicator line directed horizontally, which indicates a decline in market activity with the preservation of on the market benefits sellers.

Sale in a pair LTC/USD are recommended from the level price of $44,42 with order of $43.70/$42,00/$40,40.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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