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Sanctions. The major exchanges are asked Iranian clients to withdraw all assets from the platform

Recently, cryptocurrencies are increasingly referred to as a convenient tool to bypass international economic sanctions, however, the reality looks a bit different. The leading cryptocurrency exchanges send their Iranian clients to clients of the letter with the requirement as soon as possible to withdraw funds from the site in connection with the U.S. sanctions.

“If you have an account on Binance and you are in the sanctions category, please put your asset in the shortest possible time”, — the letter with such request was received by the Iranian users of crypto currency exchange Binance

And if before such messages are sent only to those users who for verification of provided Iranian passport, it is now blocking and waiting for those account owners who are using Iranian IP addresses to access the exchange.

By the way, the exchange BitMEX, Bittrex and others also sent out a similar warning.

And this is not the only problem that arose before the people of Iran. Local cryptologist afraid of pressure from their own authorities, plans to launch a national cryptocurrency following the example of Venezuela and to establish “total domination in conditions of economic crisis,” taking control of the cryptocurrency market.


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