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Yield Protocol Experiences a $181,000 Crypto Asset Hack on Arbitrum

Yield Protocol Experiences a $181,000 Crypto Asset Hack on Arbitrum


  • Hack of $181,000 in cryptographic assets from Yield Protocol on Arbitrum.
  • Exploitation of smart contracts after its closure in December 2023.
  • Decline in losses from hacks and fraud in the first quarter of 2024.

A recent hack affected Yield Protocol, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, resulting in the loss of approximately $181,000 in crypto assets on the Arbitrum blockchain.

This event reveals persistent vulnerabilities in the DeFi space and highlights the importance of continued security even after a protocol ceases operations.

Yield Protocol ended operations in December 2023 due to lack of commercial demand and regulatory pressure globally.

Despite numerous warnings issued to investors advising them to close their positions, withdraw funds, and settle outstanding loans, an unidentified hacker took advantage of a disparity in pool token balances and the overall supply.

Using assets that were temporarily borrowed, the hacker managed to withdraw additional tokens from the pool, exploiting a vulnerability in the system.

This latest hacking incident adds to a continuum of challenges that Yield Protocol has faced in its history.

Back in March 2023, Yield Protocol experienced significant losses, along with ten other DeFi protocols, as a consequence of an attack targeting the non-custodial lending protocol Euler Finance.

This attack had widespread repercussions across the DeFi sector, highlighting the interconnected nature of vulnerabilities in decentralized financial platforms.

Yield Protocol Suffers Hack of $181,000 in Crypto Assets in Arbitrum

Despite this, Yield Protocol managed to fully recover in July 2023 thanks to a collaboration with Euler

Implementing fresh contracts and conducting authorization requests to rectify their fixed token expirations and revive the protocol.

The ongoing event underscores the significance of ongoing security assessments within the DeFi sector and emphasizes the necessity for users and developers to stay vigilant regarding potential weaknesses.

Although losses from hacks and fraud in the first quarter of 2024 showed a 23% decrease compared to the previous year according to the Immunefi report, the security landscape remains dynamic and requires proactive measures to protect digital assets.

The Yield Protocol hack underscores the need to adopt security best practices in the DeFi ecosystem and the importance of collaboration between projects and security firms to address emerging challenges in the crypto space.

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