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Ethereum and altcoins could face correction according to Benjamin Cowen’s analysis

Ethereum and altcoins could face correction according to Benjamin Cowen's analysis.


  • Analyst predicts a major correction in Ethereum and altcoins.
  • A possible capitulation of the market is expected after a last bullish push.
  • It is suggested to observe the ETH/BTC ratio and the behavior of alt/Bitcoin pairs to confirm trends.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, technical predictions and analysis play a crucial role in making investment decisions.

In this context, renowned analyst Benjamin Cowen has generated interest by suggesting that Ethereum (ETH) and other altcoins could be on the verge of a significant market correction.

Benjamin Cowen, a renowned analyst with a wide audience on his YouTube channel exceeding 800,000 subscribers, has stressed the crucial importance of monitoring the dynamics between Ethereum and Bitcoin (ETH/BTC) as a fundamental indicator to assess the overall health of the market.

According to Cowen’s observations, confirmation of an uptrend would require ETH/BTC to manage to break and maintain above its support band characteristic of bull markets.

However, so far, this scenario has not materialized, suggesting the persistence of the ongoing downtrend.

Cowen‘s detailed analysis also focuses on the behavior of alt/Bitcoin pairs, highlighting that in previous cycles, the capitulation of Ethereum has been preceded by a decline in the strength of these alt cryptocurrency pairs relative to Bitcoin.

Although a weekly close below the established lows has yet to be seen in these pairs, Cowen raises the possibility that the market is reproducing patterns similar to previous cycles.

Preventing correction in Ethereum and altcoins ahead of possible market capitulation

This could signal one last Ethereum bullish push before a capitulation into the summer season

It is important to note that technical analysis has its limitations and cannot reliably predict future market movements, which can be influenced by a wide range of external factors.

Elements such as regulatory changes, market sentiment, macroeconomic events, and technological innovations can have a significant impact on cryptocurrency prices

Investors and traders must take a holistic approach when making financial decisions, combining technical analysis with fundamental analysis and appropriately managing risks.

Given the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market, up-to-date information and portfolio diversification are essential for a solid and balanced investment strategy.

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