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$60,000 Prize If You Can Break Elrond’s Blockchain, Says Elrond Network Founder

Beniamin Mincu, Transylvanian CEO and founder of the Elrond Network, is amidst a 15-day crusade to do only that. Almost two years after first uncovering his “protected confirmation of-stake” sharding convention in a specialized white paper, Mincu and Elrond’s currently 24-man designer group will present to $60,000 to hub sprinters who can effectively unleash devastation upon their code.

Mincu’s objective with the supposed “Clash of the Nodes: Unchained” crusade is, obviously, to have white caps uncover each bug, assault vector, powerlessness and basic breakpoint on Elrond before unsanctioned programmers do so themselves. This testnet preliminary by-fire will demonstrate if the system is prepared for mainnet dispatch, he said.

“When we have 15 days without interruption of the network despite this kind of attacks and stress testing, at that point we know Elrond is finally prepared and good – robust enough to go live,” Mincu told CoinDesk.


Elrond’s 15-day clock resets when the “interrupters” figure out how to bring the system down. No one has yet: Elrond’s convention has thwarted three assaults up until this point. Underminers have all things considered revealed a lot of lower-level bugs worth fixing, and that is sufficient to save hubs in dispute for a cut of the $60,000 loot, paid out in the ERD token.

“We’re on a daily basis discovering some things that we can improve from the validators,” said Mincu. “We usually do one or two releases per day,” patching the bugs, clarity issues and other pain points that the battle’s 1,700 node participants dredge up.

Be that as it may, the exertion isn’t just about the cash and the bugs, Mincu said – it’s additionally an opposition for mainnet validator spaces. Some 34% of Elrond’s underlying 1,500 hubs (500 for each sharding pool and an extra 500 for the metachain) will go to some degree to “trusted” parties who helped the chase for imperfections.

It additionally allows Elrond to flex its system specs. By Tuesday, the blockchain – which has a “separate and overcome” agreement system that arbitrarily appoints validator work to individuals from the two sharding gatherings – was posting a pinnacle exchanges for every second (TPS) pace of 712. Mincu asserted Elrond can deal with 10,000 TPS at maximum capacity.

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