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Aave and Gauntlet End Their Collaboration: Here are the Reasons

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  • Gauntlet terminates its collaboration with Aave, citing challenges in communication and understanding of the DAO’s guidelines.
  • John Morrow explains that the decision is due to the difficulty of working with unclear instructions and ambiguous objectives.
  • The crypto community debates the challenges of decentralized governance and risk management in DeFi following Gauntlet’s announcement.

Gauntlet, an independent risk manager, has decided to end its collaboration with Aave, a leading DeFi platform, citing significant challenges in communication and understanding of Aave’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) guidelines.

John Morrow, co-founder of Gauntlet, explained in a post on the DeFi platform’s forum that the decision was made due to the difficulty of working with Aave DAO’s unclear instructions and objectives. This announcement sparked discussions in the crypto community about the challenges of decentralized governance and risk management in DeFi protocols.

During the four years of collaboration, Gauntlet has played an important role as a risk manager for the DAO. However, in the last year, the relationship has become more tense due to discrepancies in guidelines and objectives. According to Morrow, the lack of clarity and consistency in Aave’s community guidelines greatly hindered Gauntlet’s work and led to the decision to terminate the collaboration.

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Mixed Reactions in the Aave Community Following Gauntlet’s Announcement

The community’s response has been mixed. Some members expressed surprise and confusion over Gauntlet’s decision. While others defended the company’s stance and acknowledged the inherent challenges of decentralized governance. Ernesto Boado, former CTO of Aave, highlighted the community’s general appreciation for Gauntlet’s work and suggested that harsh criticisms may not reflect the majority opinion.

On the other hand, Marc Zeller from Aave-Chan Initiative harshly criticized Morrow’s statement. Describing it as a “poor excuse” to seek external business opportunities. Zeller stated that the Aave community is already looking for other service providers to fill the gap left by Gauntlet. Ultimately, the termination of the collaboration highlights the challenges and complexity of decentralized governance in the DeFi ecosystem.

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