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Cardano Responds to Misunderstandings: Hoskinson Stops Project Showcases

Cardano Responds to Misunderstandings: Hoskinson Stops Project Showcases


  • Hoskinson suspends project exhibitions on Cardano due to misunderstandings.
  • Measure taken due to misperception of Cardano as a ‘ghost chain’.
  • It is planned to improve processes and present higher quality formats.

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson has made a significant decision in response to concerns and misunderstandings within the community.

In a livestream from Colorado, Hoskinson announced the temporary suspension of showcasing projects within the Cardano ecosystem.

This move comes amid debates over the perception of Cardano as a ‘ghost chain with a lack of active projects.

Hoskinson emphasized Cardano’s continued commitment to the development of its platform, highlighting collaborations with various projects such as World Mobile, Axo and Sunday Swap.

However, he also took note of the fact that the recent exhibitions of projects on various platforms, including X Spaces, had given rise to certain apprehensions and reservations within the community.

Hoskinson was attentive to the concerns raised, understanding that clarity and reassurance were imperative amidst such perceptions.

Despite efforts to showcase the diversity of developments on the Cardano blockchain, some people misinterpreted these exhibits as full endorsements of the projects presented.

Hoskinson clarified that these exhibits are not endorsements, but rather opportunities to highlight innovative initiatives within the Cardano ecosystem

Furthermore, he noted that the team does not conduct extensive research or evaluate the governance structures of the submitted projects.

Temporary Suspension: Hoskinson Reorganizes Exhibition Strategy on Cardano

Given concerns about the conduct of the founders and other aspects of the projects, Hoskinson decided to temporarily suspend the exhibitions to make improvements to the selection and presentation processes.

The temporary suspension will allow a reevaluation of exhibition processes and the implementation of higher quality formats.

Hoskinson emphasized the significance of conducting assessments on projects with transparency and objectivity at the forefront of the process.

Additionally, it plans to introduce open exhibits where community members can interact directly with project teams, providing a platform to address questions and concerns directly.

This measure reflects the project’s commitment to transparency and responsibility, seeking to improve the quality and reliability of its interactions with the projects within its ecosystem.

The temporary suspension of project showcases is a step forward in building a stronger and more engaged community around Cardano, ensuring that the platform’s actions reflect its vision of sustainable and responsible development.

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