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Animoca Brands Japan and Quidd will launch digital collectibles of ‘FAIRY TAIL’

Animoca Brands Japan and Quidd will launch digital collectibles of 'FAIRY TAIL'.


  • Animoca Brands Japan and Quidd to release “FAIRY TAIL” digital collectibles.
  • The collection will include 29 characters from the manga and will be available on Quidd starting May 24, 2024.
  • Animoca Brands also plans to launch a new NFT platform this summer to support creators in selling their NFTs.

AnimocaBrandsJapan, a strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands in Japan, is pleased to announce the release of digital trading cards of “FAIRY TAIL”, the beloved fantasy adventure manga created by Hiro Mashima.

This collection will be available on Quidd, the NFT and digital collectibles marketplace, starting at 5 pm EST on May 24, 2024.

The “FAIRY TAIL” digital cards will feature 29 characters from the series, such as Natsu, Lucy and Happy, selected under the supervision of author Hiro Mashima.

Additionally, key scenes from the series will be included transformed into art cards in various rarities for fans and collectors.

Animoca Brands Japan, founded in 2021, aims to support the global Web3 strategies of Japanese intellectual property holders, including publishers, brands, educational institutions, sports teams, athletes, artists and gaming companies.

On the other hand, Quidd, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is recognized for its digital collectibles and NFT market, with collaborations with brands such as Disney and the NBA.

Animoca Brands Japan and Quidd to Release 'FAIRY TAIL' Digital Collectibles

Animoca Brands is looking to the future with big plans in mind

In addition to the exciting collaboration with Quidd to launch FAIRY TAIL’ digital collectibles, the company is preparing the ground for an even more ambitious launch in the coming months: a new platform dedicated to NFTs.

This platform will not only offer creators an avenue to sell their NFTs, but will also provide tools and resources to foster creativity and innovation in the digital space.

Animoca Brands has taken a bold step by announcing its foray into the exciting world of the Bitcoin ecosystem through the Opal Protocol.

This strategic move goes beyond simple financial transactions; represents Animoca Brands vision of building a complete and diversified Web3 ecosystem.

This ecosystem is not limited to just gaming and entertainment, but encompasses key areas such as DeFi (Decentralized Finance), education and culture.

The integration of Bitcoin and the Opal Protocol not only expands the firm‘s reach  in terms of emerging technologies, but also reflects its commitment to digital evolution across multiple sectors.

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