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Arbitrum approves ambitious Gaming Catalyst Program

Arbitrum approves ambitious Gaming Catalyst Program


  • Arbitrum allocates 200 million ARB to boost the gaming ecosystem on its network for three years.
  • The GCP program seeks to attract and support game developers with funding and technical resources.
  • The goal is to position Arbitrum as a leader in online gaming, competing with other networks such as Solana and Polygon.

Arbitrum‘s DAO has approved an ambitious proposal aimed at catalyzing the growth of the gaming ecosystem on its platform.

The initiative, known as the Gaming Catalyst Program (GCP), has a budget of 200 million ARB (approximately 276.38 million USD) to be deployed over a period of three years.

This program primarily aims to attract the best game developers and provide them with the resources necessary to build and launch high-quality games on the Arbitrum network.

The GCP aims to expand awareness and adoption of Arbitrum, Orbit and Stylus among developers and gamers.

Building on Arbitrum‘s previous success in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, the program seeks to replicate this success in the gaming space, a market currently worth $250 billion and projected to grow to more than 500 billion by 2030.

The proposal was widely supported, with 99.59% voting in favor, reflecting strong enthusiasm and support within the Arbitrum community.

The program structure includes the creation of a dedicated team and a five-member board with expertise in gaming, venture capital, analytics, and DAO governance.

This team will be responsible for managing investments and subsidies, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and effectively.

Part of the funds will be used to co-invest in promising studios and games, while another part will go towards creating game-specific infrastructure and tools to facilitate development on the Arbitrum platform.

The judge approves the ambitious Gaming Catalyst Program

Arbitrum GCP will also focus on attracting top talent in the games industry

By offering incentives and tools specific to the gaming industry, Arbitrum positions itself as an attractive platform for game development, which should lead to a surge of high-quality gaming experiences across its network.

The initiative not only seeks to attract developers, but also to retain them in the long term, ensuring that the games released are both attractive and durable.

The program includes a robust monitoring system to ensure alignment with Arbitrum DAO objectives.

This includes an investment committee and a set of quarterly transparency reports that will detail the program’s performance.

Projects receiving funding must meet specific milestones, and any unused ARB at the end of the program period will be returned to the DAO treasury.

In terms of expected results, the GCP has the ambition to receive between 400 and 600 applications and finance between 100 and 200 net games in the three years.

Additionally, more than 50 new Orbit chains are expected to launch, underscoring Arbitrum’s commitment to expanding its infrastructure and technical capabilities.

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