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Bakkt Makes Strong Recovery: Earned $780 Million in Revenue in 2023

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  • Bakkt reported annual revenues of $780.1 million in 2023, marking a significant milestone in its trajectory in the cryptocurrency market.
  • In the last quarter of the year, the company generated $214.5 million in revenue, driven by cryptocurrency operations and loyalty programs.
  • The company managed to reverse its poor financial situation and is on track towards success.

Bakkt, a well-known cryptocurrency custody and trading company, has presented its annual financial report for the year 2023, revealing impressive revenue figures. Throughout the year, Bakkt achieved total revenues of $780.1 million, marking a very important event in its crypto market journey.

This financial success is particularly reflected in the last quarter of the year, where the company generated revenue totaling $214.5 million. These figures include both gross revenues related to cryptocurrency operations and net revenues derived from loyalty programs.

A key factor that drove this growth was the acquisition of Bakkt Crypto, formerly known as Apex Crypto. This acquisition not only expanded the company’s service portfolio but also substantially contributed to the increase in gross revenues of the company in the crypto services sector.

Looking to the future, Bakkt intends to continue expanding its business and consolidating its position in the market during the year 2024. The company’s incoming president and CEO, Andy Main, has highlighted several strategic approaches that the company plans to implement. Among them are expanding the client network, diversifying the product offering, and prudent financial management.

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Bakkt Managed to Dispel All Financial Concerns

As for projections for the year 2024, Bakkt has ambitious expectations. The company expects to generate between $3.2 billion and $5.1 billion in revenue throughout the year, with a particular focus on the growth of revenues related to crypto operations.

The financial report also addressed previous concerns about Bakkt’s long-term viability. In early 2023, the company had filed an amendment to its quarterly report with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, indicating the possibility of not being able to continue as a company in the future due to financial concerns.

However, the positive results presented in the latest financial report have dispelled those concerns and strengthened confidence in the company’s ability to maintain and grow in the market.

The year 2023 reflects a remarkable success in terms of revenue and an optimistic outlook for the company’s future in the crypto industry. With a clear focus on expansion and innovation, Bakkt is poised to remain a leading force in the market in the coming years.

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