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Jasmy and Panasonic Partner to Revolutionize the IoT World with Innovative Platform

Jasmy and Panasonic Partner to Revolutionize the IoT World with Innovative Platform


  • Jasmy and Panasonic Advanced Technology begin collaboration to develop IoT platform.
  • The project contemplates the integration of a “personal data locker” with a decentralized database.
  • The platform is expected to enable secure attribution of device information to individuals.

From the intersection of blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), a strategic alliance arises between Jasmy and Panasonic Advanced Technology Development Co., Ltd.

The main objective of the collaboration is the development of an innovative platform that links personal data with IoT devices, marking a significant milestone in the field of digital privacy and information security.

In this ambitious project, the creation of a platform based on Web3 that will allow the secure connection between data generated by individuals and IoT devices is proposed.

To do this, Jasmy’s “personal data lockerwill be integrated with a decentralized database, guaranteeing the privacy and protection of user data at all times.

The agile approach in the development of this platform reflects the urgency to offer innovative solutions in a constantly evolving digital environment.

It is estimated that the platform construction process will take between 3 and 6 months, during which work will be done on the integration of cutting-edge technologies and the implementation of robust security measures.

Jasmy and Panasonic partner to revolutionize the world of IoT with an innovative platform

The collaboration between Jasmy and Panasonic promises to revolutionize the way data is managed and shared

By enabling the secure attribution of information from IoT devices to specific individuals, a range of possibilities opens up in terms of personalized services and innovative applications.

The recent news about this strategic partnership has generated a positive impact on the cryptocurrency market, as evidenced by the increase in the price of JasmyCoin (JASMY) following the announcement.

This growth reflects the recognition of the disruptive potential of the collaboration between Jasmy and Panasonic in the field of blockchain technology and IoT.

As development of the platform progresses, more details about its features and functionality are expected to be revealed.

However, as of now, it is clear that this partnership represents a step forward towards building a more secure, transparent and user- centric digital ecosystem.

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