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Binance immediately launched two two platforms for working with cryptocurrency futures

One of the largest daily trading volumes by cryptocurrency exchange Binance presented not one, but two test platforms for working with cryptocurrency futures at once.

Currently, new test networks called Futures A and Futures B are open to users who can play using dummy assets. In addition, a variety of competitions are held, the purpose of which is to attract traders.

On Monday, Binance announced that users will be able to vote for their version of the test network, and the winning version will become the official platform.

As for contests, for each platform Binance promises to allocate prize money totaling 10,000 BNB (about $ 215,700). Users who voted for the winning test network will receive a discount on the Binance trading commission within a month.

In early July, Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao announced that cryptocurrency futures were under development. On August 28, the exchange launched a cryptocurrency loan service that will enable Binance customers to receive passive income on their deposits.


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