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Binance Invests in Ethereum Liquid Restaking Through Puffer Finance

binance puffer


  • Binance Labs strategically invested in Puffer Finance, a liquid restaking protocol on Ethereum, allocating funds for the development of its Layer 2 network.
  • Puffer Finance enables users to earn staking rewards, supported by Binance Labs to advance its network and introduce pufETH, its native liquid restaking token on the BNB Chain.
  • Binance Labs’ investment aligns with the growth of the Ethereum restaking space, featuring projects like EigenLayer, ClayStack, and Renzo Protocol.

Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation division of the exchange, made a strategic investment in Puffer Finance, an innovative liquid restaking protocol on the Ethereum network, built on EigenLayer. Although the exact investment amount was not disclosed, the funds will be directed towards the development of Puffer’s Layer 2 network.

This liquid restaking protocol allows users to efficiently earn staking rewards, and Binance Labs’ investment supports Puffer’s vision to enhance its network and expand its capabilities. Puffer’s Layer 2 network will operate as an Actively Validated Service of EigenLayer, providing an additional layer of security and efficiency to its infrastructure.

Furthermore, the funds will also be utilized to launch Puffer’s native liquid restaking token, known as pufETH, on the BNB Chain. This enables users on the BNB Chain to participate in the restaking ecosystem, offering opportunities to earn rewards from both staking and restaking.

binance puffer

Binance Ventures into Ethereum Restaking Hand in Hand with Puffer Finance

Binance Labs’ initiative comes at a time when the Ethereum restaking space is experiencing significant growth. The EigenLayer platform, launched in June of last year, acted as a catalyst for this increased interest. Other proposals, such as ClayStack and Renzo Protocol, have recently entered the space, showcasing the dynamics and competition in this sector.

Puffer Finance, previously backed by prominent investors like Brevan Howard Digital, Jump Crypto, and Lightspeed Faction, had already raised $5.5 million in a seed round last August, followed by an initial pre-seed round of $650,000. Additionally, the Ethereum Foundation recognized Puffer’s proposal by granting $120,000 for its open-source tool called Secure-Signer, designed to mitigate risks associated with penalties for Ethereum validators.

The Puffer protocol stands out not only for its focus on liquid restaking but also for its innovative native restaking model on EigenLayer. Puffer addresses the importance of establishing a robust and secure critical infrastructure.

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