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Bitcoin exchange rate in Sberbank: how to know the price in rubles for today

In the savings Bank account have 88 million of the Russians. We’ll show you how to know the exchange rate of bitcoin in the savings Bank for today. You will learn how to cash out bitcoins into rubles at the exchange rate of the savings Bank and how to choose the best conditions for exchange.

What determines the price of bitcoin in the savings Bank

Experts saythat Bitcoin has a limited fundamental value. His quotes influenced by dozens of factors: legislative changes to the news about hacking of cripture. The average price for the sum of the trade indicators of cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptoratings.ru tracks quotes 7 major cryptocurrencies. Data is updated several times during the day. Find quotes on the main page.

Котировки криптовалют на сайте Cryptoratings.ru
Quotes cryptocurrency on the website Cryptoratings.ru

Russian banks don’t work with cryptocurrencies — sell or buy BTC you can only cryptocurrency platforms that support Deposit funds via Bank card. This means that the price of bitcoin in the savings Bank for today will depend not only on market quotations, but also on the conditions of work of these services.

So, in exchange rates may exceed the market average by 6-8%. Quotes in obmenkah depend on what price they purchase coin, and the size of their operating costs. Some of these services include a fee for their services in the price of the cryptocurrency, while others establish the Commission separately.

How to find out bitcoin exchange rate in Sberbank

Quoted market prices are formed based on the average of cripture. Stock quotes BTC you can look at CoinMarketCap.

However, the market price of BTC has little to do with the real price of the purchase of a crypt. First, each seller sets the price of bitcoin, which may differ significantly from the average market rate. Second, transactions are accompanied by the payment of commissions for Fund transfers, which also increases the final cost of buying coins. For instance, exchanges charge a Commission three times: at the completion ruble accounts, exchanging Fiat for the crypt and withdrawal of coins.

To understand, how much is BTC in Sberbank, you need to add to them the Bank’s Commission and service in which you buy coins.

How to find the best rate BTC at Sberbank

Let’s calculate how much it will cost to buy coins for example, online exchangers, cripture and Telegram bots. The average rate of Bitcoin to 30.11.18 amounted to ₽280 571.

The average rates in the exchanger were at the level of ~ ₽293 700. Bank Commission when transferring to the card of the seller is 1%. Thus, buying 1 coin in the switcheroo would cost ~ ₽296 600.

Quotes on cryptomeria with the completion of a Bank card was ~ ₽289 400. However, exchanges charge a fee for deposits, the exchange of rubles for the crypt and withdrawal. For example, when buying through the exchange Livecoin you would have to pay 6% + ₽50 for replenishment of rouble balance and 0.18% trade Commission. In the end, the purchase of one koina would cost ~ ₽307 366, and for the withdrawal of coins on third-party wallet would have to give more of 0.0005 BTC.

The price of Bitcoin in the savings Bank in Telegram-bots was even better and was ~ ₽276 100. Then you would have to pay only for the transfer to the card vendor and to pay a fee for the withdrawal of funds from your wallet bot — 0,00004 BTC. Purchase coins in the Telegram would cost ~ ₽278 860.

The fastest way to change the cryptocurrency through obmenkah. In 90% of cases these services do not require registration and verification: to obtain coins you need to go to the website, create exchange request and to transfer rubles to these details.

Telegram-bots are less comfortable — bought the crypt is credited only on internal wallet service. The withdrawal of coins takes time and incurs additional costs in the form of Commission.

The crypto currency exchange will be useful only for the traders that lack the functionality of bots and obmenok. Work with these platforms is more complicated, and the purchase of a crypt takes longer because of the registration and account verification, and additions to the ruble account.

Now you can learn bitcoin exchange rate in rubles in Sberbank. Using this information, you can easily buy BTC for rubles in the savings Bank at the best rate.


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