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Bitcoin Exits the “Danger Zone”: A New Dawn for Crypto Investors?

Bitcoin Exits the “Danger Zone”: A New Dawn for Crypto Investors?


  • Exit from the Danger Zone: Bitcoin has transitioned out of the post-halving “danger zone,” characterized by intense volatility. Technical analyst Rekt Capital notes a decrease in selling pressure, signaling a bullish phase for the leading digital currency.
  • Recent Performance: Despite historical patterns, the current cycle shows promise. Bitcoin experienced a modest 6.5% price dip over three weeks, followed by a 15% upswing. 
  • Price Predictions: Arthur Hayes predicts Bitcoin’s price will surpass $60,000 and stabilize in the $60,000 to $70,000 range by August. Standard Chartered forecasts $150,000 by year-end and $200,000 by 2025. Pantera Capital expects $114,000 by August 2025.

Bitcoin has once again become the center of attention as it exits the post-halving “danger zone,” embarking on what technical analyst Rekt Capital describes as an accumulation phase. This transition is marked by a notable decrease in selling pressure, suggesting a bullish outlook for the world’s leading digital currency.

Historically, Bitcoin has been subject to intense volatility following its halving events, a period that the crypto community has aptly named the “danger zone.” However, the current cycle paints a different picture. With a modest 6.5% price dip over three weeks and a subsequent 15% upswing, Bitcoin appears to have made a robust departure from this tumultuous phase.

Rekt Capital celebrates this milestone, highlighting a significant rebound from the re-accumulation range low support. As Bitcoin trades around $62,000, investors are witnessing a 3% uptick in just 24 hours, reinforcing the sentiment that the correction phase may have concluded.

The $60,000 support level is now under the spotlight, deemed crucial for sustaining the upward momentum. Rekt Capital’s recent blog post hints at a potential climb back to the $68,000 threshold, provided Bitcoin maintains its foothold above $60,000.

While historical patterns offer no guarantees, the steadfastness of the current support level bodes well for Bitcoin’s future trajectory. The upcoming release of the April Consumer Price Index (CPI) is eagerly anticipated, with projections indicating a 3.4% CPI and a 3.6% core CPI. 

Inflation looms large, surpassing the Federal Reserve’s 2% target, which could result in prolonged high interest rates unless a downward trend emerges. Amid these economic uncertainties, Arthur Hayes, BitMEX’s founder, advocates for Bitcoin as an attractive alternative investment, especially considering the rising government debt and policy adjustments by the Fed and US Treasury.

Predictions on Bitcoin’s Price Trajectory

Bitcoin Exits the “Danger Zone”: A New Dawn for Crypto Investors?

Hayes envisions Bitcoin’s price surpassing $60,000 and finding stability in the $60,000 to $70,000 range by August. Political events, such as the US presidential election, could further influence Bitcoin’s valuation. 

Standard Chartered posits that a Donald Trump victory might favor Bitcoin due to potential shifts in fiscal and monetary policies. The bank’s ambitious forecast sees Bitcoin soaring to $150,000 by year’s end and reaching $200,000 by 2025.

Echoing this bullish sentiment, crypto hedge fund Pantera Capital projects a price surge to $114,000 by August 2025. This prediction arises amidst challenges like inflation concerns, Federal Reserve interest rate policies, and geopolitical tensions in the Middle East.

Based on the stock-to-flow model, Pantera Capital’s analysis correlates Bitcoin’s supply with its production rate, which halves every four years. Data from previous cycles reveals substantial price increases post-halving, with peaks typically occurring around 2.6 years after the event. 

If this pattern holds, Bitcoin enthusiasts may see a significant surge around August next year, aligning with Pantera’s forecast. As the crypto landscape grapples with economic and political factors, Bitcoin’s recent performance offers a glimmer of hope to investors seeking refuge in digital assets. 

The question remains: Will this new dawn lead to unprecedented heights for Bitcoin, or is caution still warranted in the face of potential volatility? Only time will tell.

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