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Bitcoin-financed Donation Campaign Raises Money For Coronavirus Clinic In Italy

A fruitful bitcoin (BTC)- financed campaign to create and prepare a coronavirus-battling clinical centre close to Rome, run together by the Italian Red Cross, has wrapped up – with the centre now fully operational.

The crusade saw what the Italian Red Cross has called a “second-level Advanced Medical Post for pre-triage” made in Castel Gandolfo, a town 25km from Rome, by the Italian Red Cross’ Colli Albani Committee.

 An underlying effort – co-run by blockchain-fueled gifts stage Helperbit – to build the “purchase the core infrastructure and medical equipment” for “COVID-19 pre-triage,”

A second objective of BTC 4.1024 (around USD 30,000) was then set, which would give the assets expected to add the ability to have crisis tasks – and fit the inside with life-sparing gear, including a defibrillator and diagnostics screens.

That second objective’s cutoff time terminated on April 9, and saw a sum of BTC 5.0192 (around USD 36,776) raised, 32% over objective for the aggregate.

In a Helperbit blog entry, Bruno Pietrosanti, The Italian Red Cross’ Colli Albani Committee president, stretched out his gratitude to the crypto network, expressing,

“We are happy to have turned the received donations into a tangible aid and we are excited to have received so much help from the Bitcoin community.”

A sum of 158 contributors gave BTC , per campaign information, with individual and corporate gifts going in size from parts of a bitcoin to a an unknown individual infusion of BTC 2.6406 (around USD 19,352).

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