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Bitcoin Losing Dominance: Is It Altcoins’ Time?

Bitcoin Losing Dominance: Is It Altcoins' Time?


  • Decline in Bitcoin dominance: Possible opportunity for altcoins.
  • Reduction in demand for Bitcoin: Slowdown in the growth of long-term holdings and increase in short positions in futures.
  • Bitcoin bullish trend: Possible maintenance with moderate fluctuations.

Amid recent turmoil in the cryptocurrency market, attention has been focused on the decline in Bitcoin‘s dominance, raising questions about the future of altcoins and the direction of the overall market.

Analysts and experts have identified several factors that have contributed to this situation and have offered varying perspectives on what this could mean for investors and traders.

One of the most obvious signs of this change in dynamics is the reduction in demand for Bitcoin, driven by a slowdown in the growth of long-term holdings among key investors.

This group has decreased its accumulation activity by 50% during the month of April, according to data from CryptoQuant.

This decline suggests a possible lack of confidence or interest in holding large amounts of the market-leading cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, movements in the market by large investors, commonly known as “whales“, also reflect a decline in demand for Bitcoin.

Its shares have shown a decline in monthly growth from 12% to 6% since the end of March, according to the same data.

These changes in investment behavior point to growing caution among institutional and high-volume investors, who are carefully evaluating their positions amid market volatility.

Bitcoin Loses Dominance: Is It the Time for Altcoins?

Regarding technical analysis, experts have offered contrasting but equally interesting perspectives on Bitcoin

Van de Poppe suggests that the decline in Bitcoin dominance could usher in a period of strength for altcoins, which could represent significant opportunities for investors diversifying their portfolios.

On the other hand, Melker takes a more cautious view when considering the possible price correction of Bitcoin, although he does not rule out the long-term bullish potential that has characterized this market in previous cycles.

The decline in Bitcoin dominance and changes in demand and investment strategies are generating deep debates and analysis in the crypto community.

Investors should stay informed about these developments and carefully consider their investment strategies in a cryptocurrency market that remains exciting but also volatile.

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