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Bitcoin SV moved to a rapid increase

The Bitcoin exchange rate SV (BSV) ahead of Ethereum (ETH) and an average of about $108 (as at 17:10 GMT), while its growth over the last 24 hours was 51.2%, while the second fork of Bitcoin ABC (Zach who is the parent of cryptocurrency Ticker BCH) rose by only 10.5% and is $190.

Capitalization of BSV to date has exceeded $2 billion and is now more than half of the same indicator Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin ABC) and 18% of Ethereum. Thus in the TOP 10 cryptocurrencies are just two fork BCH — ABC Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV.

The reason for this behavior at the time of publication are not obvious. According to one version, the participants of the current conflict in the Bitcoin ecosystem have Cash to go from “war of the hash capacity” to “pump war.” As noted by one Twitter user, “pump war” costs to the participants much cheaper, especially in conditions of limited supply, not all cryptocurrency exchanges and services unblocked BSV for their customers. In addition, the growth of the hash capacity cause traders such interest and desire to acquire the asset as to the growth rates.

Cash Bitcoin mining (Bitcoin ABC) is now more profitable than mining bitcoin on 16%. At some point on Sunday mining BSV were 150% more profitable mining bitcoin, said Trustnodes citing data portal Coin Dance. Currently the figure is around 20%.


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