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Bitget and Tomarket Join Forces to Boost the TON Ecosystem

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  • Bitget and Tomarket have announced a partnership to strengthen the TON ecosystem, aiming to boost technological development and attract a broad audience.
  • Tomarket has reached over one million users in just five days since its launch on July 4, standing out as one of the most dynamic dApps on TON.
  • The upcoming TONNECT 2024 event, organized by Bitget, is designed to foster adoption of its ecosystem.

Seeking to strengthen the TON (Telegram Open Network) ecosystem, Bitget, the renowned cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced a partnership with Tomarket, a new DEX that has consolidated one of the highest levels of growth within its sector. The partnership aims to propel technological development and attract a wide audience.

Tomarket, launched on July 4, has achieved exceptional growth by attracting more than one million users in just five days. Its rapid adoption positions it as one of the most dynamic dApps within the TON ecosystem, outpacing established projects like Hamster Kombat in growth rate.

The Tomarket DEX stands out by offering users the ability to trade a variety of assets, including Real-World Assets (RWA) tokens, crypto bond yields, points, and pre-circulation tokens. It diversifies investment options within the digital asset market and has significantly bolstered the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market through its diverse tools.

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Bitget Prepares for TONNECT 2024

Bitget, on the other hand, has doubled down on its commitment to TON by launching a $20 million fund in collaboration with Foresight Ventures. The fund is designed to support disruptive projects operating within TON, providing essential funding and resources for their development and growth. Additionally, Bitget has facilitated the connection of TON’s mainnet with its wallet, making it easier for users to access TON-based assets and associated dApps.

The upcoming TONNECT 2024 event, organized by Bitget, was conceived and planned to promote adoption of its ecosystem. The online event will include interactive sessions like “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) and user voting for their favorite TON projects. It will also offer a $1 million prize pool to incentivize active participation and exploration of the ecosystem.

Bitget and Tomarket aim to drive growth and adoption of advanced blockchain technologies within TON. They will open new opportunities for users and developers interested in the potential of financial decentralization and the digital economy.

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