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Compound Finance Website Hijacked: Users Warned of Phishing Threat

Compound Finance Website Hijacked: Users Warned of Phishing Threat


  • Compound Finance website has been hacked and redirects to a phishing page.
  • Compound protocol and smart contract funds remain secure.
  • Users should avoid visiting the website until further notice.

The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) has been shaken by the news that the official website of Compound Finance, one of the most prominent protocols in this field, has been compromised.

In the early hours of July 11, Compound Labs issued an urgent warning via its official X account, reporting that its main domain, compound[.]finance, had been hijacked and was now redirecting to a phishing site.

Compound security advisor Michael Lewellen confirmed the breach, warning users not to interact with the site until further notice.

Although the website has been compromised, Lewellen assured that the Compound protocol and funds in smart contracts have not been affected and remain safe.

This attack appears to be an elaborate phishing scam that involved domain hijacking, replacing the legitimate Compound Finance page with a fake one designed to steal users’ information and potentially their digital assets.

Prior to Compound’s official confirmation, blockchain researcher ZachXBT had already alerted the community on his Telegram channel, warning that Compound’s website was redirecting to a fraudulent page (compound-finance[.]app).

ZachXBT’s warning was issued at 2:48 AM EDT, and Compound’s official confirmation came at 5:15 AM EDT, leaving a time gap in which users could have been harmed.

This incident follows a precedent from last year, when Compound Finance’s X account was hacked and used to promote a phishing site, resulting in a loss of approximately $4.4 million in LINK tokens.

These repeated attacks underscore the importance of security in the DeFi space and the need for users to remain constantly vigilant against potential threats.

Compound Finance Hacked: Users Warned of Phishing Threat

Recommendations for Compound Finance Users

In response to this situation, it is crucial for users to follow certain security measures.

First and foremost, you should avoid visiting the Compound Finance website and not click on any links associated with the platform until an official statement is issued declaring that the situation has been resolved.

Additionally, it is important for users to always verify URLs before entering any personal or sensitive information.

The community should stay tuned for updates from official Compound Labs channels to receive the latest and most accurate information.

Transparency and prompt communication from the organization are essential to mitigate damage and protect users.

In the bigger picture, this breach highlights the need for robust security measures and the implementation of practices that can prevent similar incidents in the future.

Users may also consider using additional security tools, such as two-factor authentication and suspicious activity monitoring apps, to increase their personal protection.

This event serves as a reminder of the volatility and risks inherent in the decentralized finance sector.

While blockchain technology and smart contracts offer innovative financial opportunities, they also present significant security challenges.

Collaboration between platforms, cybersecurity experts and the user community is vital to create a safer and more trustworthy environment in the DeFi ecosystem.

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