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BlockFi and 3AC Finally Reach an Agreement. Settlement Details Will Not Be Disclosed

agreement blockfi 3ac


  • BlockFi and Three Arrows Capital (3AC) reach an agreement approved by a judge from the New Jersey Bankruptcy Court. The details will remain confidential.
  • The cross-claims between BlockFi and 3AC, with amounts of $129 million and $280 million respectively, were resolved with the approval of the judicial agreement.
  • BlockFi argues that confidentiality is necessary to protect sensitive information that could affect future litigation, while the judge considers it important to respect 3AC’s foreign bankruptcy procedures.

The recent settlement agreement between BlockFi and the crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) generated significant interest in the financial market. This agreement, approved by a judge from the New Jersey Bankruptcy Court, resolves the legal disputes that existed between both parties. The details of the agreement will remain confidential.

The agreement arises after cross-claims, where BlockFi claimed that 3AC owed it $129 million, while the hedge fund argued that BlockFi owed it $280 million. The judge’s verdict represents a step forward in resolving the dispute, although the fact that the details remain sealed sparked some controversy.

BlockFi, in its defense of keeping the agreement details confidential, argued that they contained sensitive and non-public information that could negatively impact future litigation, especially regarding the bankrupt exchange, FTX. Additionally, the judge considered it important to respect 3AC’s foreign bankruptcy procedures, supporting the decision to keep the agreement details under wraps.

agreement blockfi 3ac

Crossed Arguments and Opinions on the Confidentiality of the Agreement

However, inevitably, concerns about transparency in the judicial process were raised. Some critics argue that the lack of disclosure of the settlement terms could affect confidence in the judicial system and hinder accountability. However, others defend the decision, pointing out the importance of protecting sensitive information and ensuring respect for international legal procedures.

This settlement comes at a crucial time for BlockFi, which had previously faced financial difficulties and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 2022. The approval of the agreement allows BlockFi to move forward with distributions to creditors, which is essential for its financial stability and its ability to recover from past challenges.

On the other hand, the cessation of operations of OPNX, a crypto bankruptcy claims platform launched by 3AC co-founders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, was also involved in the discussion. Although not directly related to the agreement between BlockFi and 3AC, the closure of OPNX could have implications for the case in question and for the crypto industry in general.

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