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DeFi TVL Hits $60 Billion as Restaking Gains Momentum

DeFi TVL Hits $60 Billion as Restaking Gains Momentum


  • DeFi TVL reaches $60 billion as the crypto market rallies and liquid staking and restaking innovations attract more users.
  • Lido Finance dominates liquid staking with 37% market share and nearly 10 million staked ETH, enabling users to earn rewards and access DeFi services.
  • EigenLayer leads the restaking narrative with $4 billion TVL, allowing users to leverage Ethereum’s security across multiple protocols.

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry is experiencing a significant revival, with the Total Value Locked (TVL) reaching an impressive $60 billion for the first time in a year and a half. This achievement highlights the growing interest in the DeFi industry, with protocols such as Lido Finance and the restaking narrative spearheading this transformation.

The TVL of the DeFi ecosystem surged by 68%, from $36 billion in October 2023 to $60.55 billion. This increase is primarily attributed to the rally in the crypto market and innovations within the sector, particularly in liquid staking and restaking. Lido Finance, one of the leaders in the liquid staking sector, now commands a 37% market share. Its TVL is currently at $22.65 billion, marking a 4.50% growth in the past week.

The protocol is nearing a significant milestone of 10 million staked ETH, accounting for 72.13% of all liquid-staked Ethereum. Ethereum restaking, a new DeFi narrative, is emerging as a key trend in 2024. It enables users to utilize the same ETH across multiple protocols, thereby enhancing security across these platforms. 

This model has played a crucial role in strengthening the resilience of smaller and emerging blockchains by leveraging Ethereum’s established security infrastructure.

EigenLayer Pioneers Ethereum Restaking with $4 Billion DeFi TVL

DeFi TVL Hits $60 Billion as Restaking Gains Momentum

EigenLayer, a middleware platform that launched its mainnet in June 2023, is at the forefront of the restaking narrative. Despite not having its native token, EigenLayer has established a strong presence in the DeFi sector with a TVL of $4.07 billion, recording a remarkable 161% growth in just a month.

“Restaking is currently the most rapidly expanding crypto sector. We are anticipating a significant wave of protocol launches using EigenLayer,” stated Ignas, an anonymous DeFi researcher.

The recent surge in DeFi deposits coincided with the rise in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices in early January, largely driven by the introduction of American spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs. As the prices of these cryptocurrencies skyrocketed, investors had more liquidity, leading them to venture into riskier assets such as DeFi tokens.

Despite the price volatility, some market participants believe that the current upswing in DeFi activity could be more enduring. Solana (SOL), one of the most popular DeFi chains, has seen its price quadruple over the past six months, outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum. This indicates that the interest in DeFi may continue even if the prices of major cryptocurrencies fluctuate.

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