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Capital One presents a blockchain patent for content verification

Capital One, a US banking holding corporation, won its latest blockchain-related patent, this time incorporating technology into its content inspection system. US Patent and Trademark Office documents published a patent on April 2.

Capital One, which last year focused on intellectual property on the blockchain for user authentication, now wants to use it as part of a wider network with content providers.

“The device can receive the first content data from the content provider, and the first content data includes the data that identifies the content,” an excerpt from the brief patent description says. ”

Capital One has been showing interest in the blockchain for several years. In 2016, the company was already exploring how to apply technology to solve payment problems, at a time when it is related to health insurance.

Last year, Gill House, senior vice president of Capital One, director of retail and banking, told Forbes about the continued bullish mood.

“The advantage we see with the blockchain is that security is built into it,” he said.

House also continued:

"You know who is contributing to this block chain, you have a fixed record, and you can make sure that the system and protocol are easy to assemble."

In a broader sense in the banking sector, the blockchain also returned this year, despite previous concerns that its influence was exaggerated by the industry.

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