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Cardano Founder Predicts Generative AI Scams Will Be Dramatically Better in 12-24 Months

AI cardano hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson, the mathematician and billionaire behind the Cardano blockchain, recently issued a crucial warning to the entire cryptocurrency industry due to rapid technological advancements. Hoskinson expressed his concerns through the X platform (formerly known as Twitter), pointing out a significant risk arising from recent developments based on AI.

The warning in question pertains to the emergence of generative artificial intelligence (AI) scams on YouTube, where deep fake videos created entirely by artificial intelligence are becoming more sophisticated. These videos mimic real personalities, making it challenging for viewers to distinguish between genuine content and manipulations. Hoskinson, in a retweet of a deep fake video of himself discussing a false ADA distribution, acknowledged the potential risk for cryptocurrency investors to fall victim to such scams.

Cardano’s founder anticipated the rise of these types of videos and AI-based scams in the crypto space, emphasizing that these scams are likely to become even more convincing in the coming years. He warned that advancements in generative artificial intelligence technology could reach a point where it becomes difficult for people to differentiate between reality and manipulated content.

AI cardano hoskinson

Many Believe in the Danger of Increasingly Advanced AI

Members of the Cardano community expressed their concerns in the comments, recognizing the potential misuse of artificially generated videos by malicious actors. Some community members emphasized the need for robust authentication methods to verify the authenticity of individuals online, especially in the face of the growing sophistication of deep fake technology.

In a broader context, Hoskinson’s warning serves as a cautionary note for the community. It also aligns with the prediction made by billionaire Elon Musk, who recently hinted at the idea that in just three years, AI will be able to write high-caliber novels like Harry Potter. According to Musk, it will also have the capability to solve complex problems related to hard sciences such as mathematics and physics, make discoveries on its own, and perform many other functions that still elude our imagination.

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