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CEO And Co-founder of Crypto Firm Contacts Coronavirus After Attending Ethereum Conferences

CEO And Co-founder of Crypto Firm Contacts Coronavirus After Attending Ethereum Conferences

Torus Labs CEO and Co-Founder, a Singapore-based distributed private key management solution, Zhen Ju Yong (Zen), who attended Ethereum Conferences have been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

He said in a tweet that he has “settled quite nicely into an isolated ward.” With this, it’s clear that he’s been quarantined to prevent further spread of the virus. He said he felt the side effects and symptoms regularly connected with this novel infection two evenings back, including fever, hacking, a runny nose, and brevity of breath.

“Thanks for all the wishes, I’ve settled in quite nicely into an isolated ward. My symptoms turned up the night before last and in general, they are; fever, breathlessness, cough, and a running nose – although you don’t have to have all of them to have it”

Zen has promptly cautioned the participants of two conferences he has as of late attended, and who might’ve had close contact to him, to play it safe or get tested. The two Ethereum hackathons and meetings he has mentioned are ETHLondonUK, held from February 28 to March 1, just as Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC), which occurred from March 3 to March 5 in Paris.

Also, given that the infection has just been spreading through China’s Wuhan since December a year ago, moving soon all around, all occasions held in the previous two-three months may have hypothetically been a scene for spreading of the virus, particularly since: it’s exceptionally infective, individuals with mellow indications may not realize they have it, and gatherings and meeting places for enormous crowds may be breeding places for the spread of the virus.

He said in another tweet that:

“Also while most #COVID19 cases take 2-14 days to show symptoms and it’s the doctor’s opinion that “it probably came from France”, there is a lesser chance that it could have been from Stanford Blockchain Conference (@cbrstan) or @EthereumDenver in mid Feb”

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