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Chapter Binance thinking about how to make basic XRP cryptocurrency exchange

General Director of the trading platform Binance Chanpen Zhao said that the supporters of Ripple XRP cryptocurrency can help the coin become underlying asset Binance, he asked them to describe the main reasons why it should be done. What are users actively responded.

Proponents XRP believe that the inclusion of the token Ripple as the base of cryptocurrencies will help to soften the jump rate of most altcoins because of the volatility of bitcoin. In addition, the underlying cryptocurrency XRP would allow us to make cheaper, more efficient transfer of value between exchanges.

It is worth noting that the opinion on the need to make basic XRP cryptocurrency exchange Binance in early August, made one of the biggest rating companies Weiss Ratings.

“We would like to see XRP as one of the underlying assets on Binance to move faster.
Please do it @cz_binance!”, — written while representatives of Weiss Ratings in Twitter account.

Meanwhile, the token Ripple again for autumn has surged to second place and, it seems, this time for a long time. At the time of writing, the XRP market capitalization of $3.28 billion higher than ETH.


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