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Run analog bitcoin ETF is not cheered the market, but rather the opposite

At that time, as the American Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) is still considering whether to allow ETF to the markets of the USA, the fourth largest in Europe and the leading Swiss stock exchange Six approved the launch under the Ticker HODL5 exchange traded product ETP Amun Crypto. However, despite this news, the work week began not with growth but with the next collapse of bitcoin and most of the leading cryptocurrency.

Product Amun Crypto ETP (Exchange Traded Product) will be 50% BTC, and the other half will be distributed between XRP, ETH, BCHABC (after Cash Bitcoin hard forks) and LTC, with the official partners, the markets of Jane Street and Flow Traders will have to provide sufficient liquidity after the launch of the ETP.

Despite the fact that the launch of the ETP opens the door for institutional investors to pour their money into a product that meets the same stringent measures as traditional ETFs, the market is extremely dry reacted to this event, if not more. Since yesterday evening kryptering moved to decrease.

As of 09:00 Moscow time the average rate of BTC is trading around $5 480, losing in the last 24 hours almost 2.3%, while like all the other crypto-currencies of the TOP 10 in terms of market capitalization lost over the past day, from 4% to 7%. Market capitalization fell by $5.8 billion


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