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ChatGPT Integrates CoinMarketCap to Provide Real-Time Bitcoin Data

ChatGPT Integrates CoinMarketCap to Provide Real-Time Bitcoin Data

OpenAI’s artificial intelligence platform, has expanded its capabilities by providing real-time market insights in a partnership with CoinMarketCap.

This achievement has been made possible thanks to a new integration with CoinMarketCap, the well-known digital asset price tracking site.

This collaboration provides ChatGPT users with an always-on cryptocurrency analyst, able to provide up-to-date data and answers to the most challenging questions in this ever-evolving space.

ChatGPT version 4, which includes this exciting feature, is offered through a monthly subscription. Unlike its predecessor, ChatGPT 3.5, whose knowledge extends only until 2021, this new version allows access to real-time information about the Bitcoin market and other cryptocurrencies.

The update not only marks a milestone in artificial intelligence, but also meets the growing demand for up-to-date and accurate data in the crypto world.

ChatGPT 4: Your New Market Analyst

ChatGPT 4: Your New Market Analyst

CoinMarketCap describes ChatGPT 4 as a “crypto analyst,” capable of analyzing the performance of various tokens and cryptocurrencies, identifying patterns in the global market, and establishing correlations between different tokens and metrics.

An example of ChatGPT 4’s capability is its ability to answer specific questions about Bitcoin. When asked about the current price of Bitcoin and the increase since the last halving, the AI ​​offered accurate and detailed answers.

According to ChatGPT 4, the price of Bitcoin at the time of the last halving (May 11, 2020) was approximately $8,762.86 USD, and the current price is approximately $27,200.88 USD, representing an impressive 210.5% increase.

However, it is important to note that although this tool is valuable, it is not free of errors and may sometimes provide incorrect answers, long or confusing answers can lead to erroneous information from the AI.

An important lesson we have learned from this innovation is that to get accurate responses from ChatGPT 4, it is essential to provide clear and concise instructions popularly known as “prompts”.

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